*nothing in here is official, reboot is coming

Overview Edit

Land's End plays like a traditional Total Drama based RP in execution. However, this is essentially where the similarities end. Although, of course, competition (alliances, voting) is still a present and a core aspect of the RP, emphasis has been moved away from this to a certain extent. The main goal of Land's End is to create interesting, entertaining, and developed characters, which to date have been seldom seen in RPs. In other words, players are expected to adapt their chosen characters and truly make an effort to make their personalities stand out. Along with this, players are expected to add some degree of depth, complexity, and background to their character(s) in order to make them as memorable, realistic (which doesn't mean unfunny, keep in mind) and enjoyable as possible. This may seem like some rather stiff prerequisites. However, all that will be expected of actors is that they simply put in their best effort when developing and playing their characters. Keep in mind that your RPing efforts WILL be noted, and may even provide some sort of benefit to players competitively, who knows?

Cast Edit