The Finale Begins As The F2 are walking around the house for the final time=Edit

9:07 JRO123

(lindsay) ...
(lindsay) so f2 huh?

9:07 Chwiis 3.0 How about u accept my friend request esse 9:07 Heozaki Nah I don't want u on there 9:07 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood Lindsay awk as f 9:07 Chwiis 3.0 LMAO wait i think i added smalls 9:07 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I can't believe it, we did it girl!

9:07 Chwiis 3.0 a while ago 9:07 Heozaki Loooooool 9:07 JRO123

(lindsay) ...yeeeeeah. :|

9:07 Chwiis 3.0 and i think she mightve blocked me 9:08 JRO123

(lindsay) why are you being nice now?

9:08 Heozaki Lemme think of the statistics 9:08 Chwiis 3.0 bc she was everywhere on your profile 9:08 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) To celebrate, I'm gonna have us smoke the last of my weed *Hands a bag to Lindsay*

9:08 Heozaki This is JRO 's 2nd finale I believe 9:08 JRO123

(lindsay) uh
(lindsay) thats ok

9:08 Chwiis 3.0 and now i cant see here 9:08 Heozaki This is Rocky's 3rd finale 9:08 Chwiis 3.0 here her 9:08 Rocky XXVII

(laurie) *Inhales joint* Your loss *Cough*
(Laurie) *Confessional* I have yet to win an individual challenge, but today's will be the one that counts!

9:09 JRO123

(lindsay) conf: seriously, after making it this far, I couldnt even live with myself if i didnt win this one last time. I am totally gonna win this! I have to at this point.

Cabbage Puta 69 has left the building. 9:10 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I think we should take this time to remember the 12 others who were not priviliged enough to be sitting here today

9:10 JRO123

(lindsay) well thisll be exciting at least
(lindsay) oh yeah but im sure we'll see them today :P

9:10 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Wait

9:10 JRO123

(lindsay) isnt that what they usually do

9:11 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) You mean I'll have to look at Max's face again!?

9:11 JRO123

(lindsay) yee

9:11 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Fuck!

9:11 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *walks into the house* Congratulations you two. Here we are, the final leg of the competition! Today is the day where we find out which one of you will have a million dollars

OkaTree has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 9:11 Rocky XXVII oh shit 9:11 OkaTree


9:11 Rocky XXVII The future is Oka 9:11 JRO123 yo ethan

(lindsay) *determined*

9:12 Chwiis 3.0 Ethan is mine lay off 9:12 JRO123 your boy toy 9:12 Chwiis 3.0 yes 9:12 Dark Knight Rebirth Ethan 9:12 JRO123 yknow what i respect that 9:12 Dark Knight Rebirth join the next season brother 9:12 OkaTree okay 9:12 Chwiis 3.0 to put it in Heo 's words, "we go way back" 9:12 JRO123 yeh ehtan could join tbh 9:12 Chwiis 3.0 and when i say back well u know what i mean 9:12 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Chris, today is the first day where I don't feel like assaulting you. So congrats!

9:13 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) We're having our biggest location change yet for this final challenge so please join me outside, there's a bus waiting out for you two

9:13 JRO123

(lindsay) oh ok

9:13 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Good to know Laurie

9:13 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Goes out and hops onto bus*

9:13 JRO123

(lindsay) *gets onto bus* this is neat, i wonder where we're going

9:13 Chwiis 3.0 ethan you are religious right? 9:13 OkaTree when did i ever say that 9:14 JRO123 ur thinking of wind 9:14 DegrassiFTW27

As the two contestants get inside, we see that waiting with them are all of the former competitors Edit

9:14 JRO123

(harold) B)

9:14 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) OMG hi guys!

9:14 Dark Knight Rebirth

(katie) ............

9:14 Chwiis 3.0 well you are homeschooled and basically amish so I would assume so 9:14 JRO123

(lindsay) omg i was right the gangs all here

9:14 Rocky XXVII

(Rodney) *Pointing gun at Tom's head* Hello ladies

9:14 OkaTree Chwiis I know you suck off a kangaroo every night to appease the God of Australia but don't rope me into your religion 9:14 JRO123

(lindsay) hi rodney! :D
(lindsay) aw aint he sweet

9:15 Rocky XXVII DAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNN @Ethan 9:15 Chwiis 3.0 Ethan did you go to the Heo school of not giving a straight answer? 9:15 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Hello future slaves of Maxtopia

9:15 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(gerry) Hi LindSAY have you always been this busty 0.0 I mean wanna spoon???? ...

9:15 JRO123

(harold) *sits in cool anime pose* sucks i couldnt cut it this time, but this should be a good show amiright gang

9:15 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Hello Max Fuhrer >__>

9:15 JRO123

(lindsay) hi gerry!
(lindsay) aint he sweet
(lindsay) he reminds me of my dead grandpa i love him

9:16 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) He's old and white so he's automatically evil in my books

9:16 OkaTree @Chwiis You wouldn't know what straight is if a girl sat on you face 9:16 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(gerry) Grandpa?? Was he a touchy touchy grandpa if so I could take his place

9:16 Rocky XXVII


shit 9:16 JRO123

(lindsay) ok calm down plz :|

9:17 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood i herd facesitting 9:17 JRO123

(harold) *spins fidget spinner*

9:17 Chwiis 3.0 @ethan 9:17 Rocky XXVII

(katie) *Is there*

9:17 JRO123 dark is the one true katie 9:17 Rocky XXVII true 9:17 JRO123

(troy) *arms crossed* hmph. this game was rigged anyways.

9:17 Rocky XXVII dis dude Rocky XXVII tryna take Heo 's place 9:18 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood shit 9:18 JRO123 toast no 9:18 Chwiis 3.0

(devin) *watching from the distance* Im coming for you fammmm

9:18 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(steph) *arms crossed* hmph. this game was rigged anyways.

9:18 Rocky XXVII well you gotta remember to take that link out of the transcript 9:18 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(hayley) *arms crossed* hmph. this game was rigged anyways.

9:18 Rocky XXVII otherwise it wont publish 9:18 JRO123

(leonard) hmph. this game was rigged anyways

9:18 Chwiis 3.0 ngl 9:18 JRO123

(courtney) hmph. this game was rigged anyways

9:19 Rocky XXVII wtf jro 9:19 Chwiis 3.0 i have no attraction towards licking a girls ass 9:19 JRO123 yeh seems gross tbh poopy in ur mouf 9:19 DegrassiFTW27 smhhh jro 9:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood its for ethan guys 9:19 JRO123 o ok 9:20 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *stops the bus as we see an obstacle course like set up on the field*

9:20 JRO123

(harold) this was a pretty good season for me tbh no complaints B)
(harold) oh, HI CHRIS. >.>

9:20 Dark Knight Rebirth

(katie) *twerks*

9:20 Rocky XXVII

(laurie) Good job Katie

9:20 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Entran, my guy!

9:20 JRO123

(harold) -_-

9:21 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


9:21 JRO123 best running gag tbh 9:21 Rocky XXVII tbh watch Grass debut Entran or Troy at lasy minute and have them win 9:21 Chwiis 3.0 btw wtf kind of a name is Entran 9:21 JRO123 lmaaaooo like mdr 2 idk ask benny 9:21 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Today's challenge is to defeat the debuting Heather

9:21 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood i thought entran was rocker oc 9:21 OkaTree Entran? That's like a retard trying to say my name 9:21 JRO123

(heather) *dabs*

9:21 DegrassiFTW27

Rocker BA Enters ChatEdit

9:21 Dark Knight Rebirth


dab with me brother 9:22 Rocky XXVII lmaoooooooooo 9:22 Dark Knight Rebirth

  • dabs*

9:22 JRO123

  • dabs*


(Laurie) So whats the challenge?

9:23 JRO123

(lindsay) oh geez an obstacle course in heels
(lindsay) ok

9:24 Rocky XXVII

(LAurie) Hey I wear sandals how do you think I feel

9:24 JRO123

(leonard) with the spiky cleats, anything is possible

9:24 Chwiis 3.0 has there ever been a finale of any rp ever that wasnt shit? 9:24 JRO123

  • these

yeh this is moving slowly whats the challenge 9:25 Dark Knight Rebirth Wind's finale 9:25 JRO123 lmao 9:25 Rocky XXVII the Bare Bones season finale was great 9:25 JRO123 thomas is resurrected with the dragon bois yeh that was a good one 9:25 Dark Knight Rebirth thomas fighting that alien was legit 9:25 JRO123 altho if troy won u would change ur tune (troll) 9:26 Rocky XXVII

JRO tryna project

smh 9:26 JRO123 BBeef


9:26 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) After that you must create a totem, made up of all the previous contestants from first to last eliminated. With that in your possession you must climb up a volcano, drop down the totem and sit upon the throne at the top for victory

smh, have any of my messages entered I don't see shit asfasfdsxgdfhdsdgsd sdgsdgs 9:26 JRO123

(lindsay) ok

9:26 Rocky XXVII After what? 9:27 Chwiis 3.0


9:27 JRO123

(lindsay) I think i remember the order?

9:27 Chwiis 3.0 just god the challenge 9:27 Rocky XXVII After that you must create a totem, made up of all the previous contestants from first to last eliminated. With that in your possession you must climb up a volcano, drop down the totem and sit upon the throne at the top for victory 9:27 Chwiis 3.0 and you win 9:27 Rocky XXVII thats all that went through wow 9:27 JRO123

(lindsay) *gets ready*

9:27 Rocky XXVII Chwiis pulling for JRO I see how it is Chwiis 9:27 Dark Knight Rebirth it's a good time for know that boot order 9:27 DegrassiFTW27 smh, first half never entered, been waiting on that message for like 5 mins lol 9:27 Dark Knight Rebirth

  • to know

9:27 Rocky XXVII after all those nights in the hotel 9:27 Chwiis 3.0 nigger in your words "we broke up" 9:28 Dark Knight Rebirth

Heo : *kicks chwiis*

9:28 Rocky XXVII Try copying it and refreshing @Grass 9:28 DegrassiFTW27 the original part was: climb a 20 foot pole, retrieve the Hawaiian flag and scale down, race over and remove the collar off the Hawaiian poi dog, raft to the final point, then the closing part I just posted 9:29 JRO123 wait were not doing the elim totem 9:29 DegrassiFTW27 the totem is after that 9:29 Chwiis 3.0 Isnt this just a competition of who can god the best without being obvious 9:29 DegrassiFTW27 nah, we had votes I pm the winner and they finish 9:30 Chwiis 3.0 aaaaahhhhhhhhh 9:30 Dark Knight Rebirth god until the end 9:30 Chwiis 3.0 makes senssse 9:30 Rocky XXVII aight 9:30 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Now, with that all said, you can each pick somebody to assist you throughout this if you'd like

9:30 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) One person?

9:31 JRO123


9:31 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Lindsay, for winning the final 3 challenge, you may pick first
(chris) Indeed Laurie

9:31 JRO123

(lindsay) i mean its up to you guys if you want to help or not i guess
(lindsay) :P

9:31 Chwiis 3.0 Sam from Total Drama 9:31 Dark Knight Rebirth

(katie) ......

9:32 JRO123

(lindsay) well since theres no volunteers...I'll go with...
(lindsay) MAX :D

9:32 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) WHY

9:32 JRO123

(lindsay) bc youre super smart you can help alot

9:32 Chwiis 3.0 tbh jro 's lindsay is ooc 9:32 JRO123

(lindsay) plus laurie hates u

9:32 Dark Knight Rebirth oh shit now i have to do something lmao 9:32 JRO123 nah u dont lol just wisecrack here and there 9:32 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Laurie, who are you going for?

9:32 Chwiis 3.0 xD 9:32 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Hmmmm

9:33 Chwiis 3.0

jro why do u care I thought ur going to lose anyway

9:33 JRO123 i can try to win 9:33 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I pick Tom

9:33 JRO123 is heo here 9:33 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) He may be white but atleast he's gay!

9:33 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Perfect! With that all set, let us get things started! I will see you all at the finish line!

9:34 JRO123

(lindsay) go?

9:34 Dark Knight Rebirth WE RP NOW 9:34 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) GO


(lindsay) *starts climbing pole*

9:34 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Starts climbing pole*

9:34 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) I could see that as a good future for you Lindsay

9:34 JRO123

(lindsay) ok i got that one smh max

9:34 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Ugh this pole part is sooo sexist

9:34 JRO123

(lindsay) not funny and SEXIST

9:34 DegrassiFTW27

(chef) She sure looks good on that pole....GAWD DAMN

sike nah ._. 9:35 JRO123

(lindsay) *keeps climbing* SMH CHEF

9:35 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *halfway up pole* I'll give you a pass Chef since you're of African descent

9:35 Chwiis 3.0

jro stop having lindsay actually do shit

9:35 JRO123

(lindsay) *climbs to top and grabs the flag*

9:35 Chwiis 3.0 all she does is rely on her sex appeal 9:35 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tom) OOH pole dancing time to try my two piece

9:35 JRO123

(lindsay) *slides down pole and falls on her ass* ow

LMAO 9:35 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Gets to top and grabs flag*

9:36 JRO123

(lindsay) *starts racing towards poi dog*

9:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Tom >.>

9:36 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I'm coming down! *Jumps off top of pole and lands on Tom for safety*

9:36 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) I can't have room for slaves like you if this keeps up

9:36 Chwiis 3.0 wait was Tom and Hippy girl the actual pair in real RR 9:36 JRO123

(lindsay) idk what a poi dog is

9:36 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tom) OOh laurie you're likeee sooo going to win; Max how are you doig *gets fell on *

9:36 Chwiis 3.0 wait nvm 9:36 JRO123

(lindsay) but im supposed to go to it

9:36 Rocky XXVII and of course Heo is away ._. 9:36 JRO123

(lindsay) *arrives @ poi dog and goes for its collar*

9:37 Rocky XXVII

(laurie) *runs over to poi dog*

9:37 JRO123

(lindsay) cyoot doggo *removes its collar*

9:37 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Hello there little buddy, I am human friend!

9:37 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) You wanna know how I'm doing?

9:37 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I. Am. Here. As an ally

9:37 JRO123

(lindsay) *heads to rafts carrying collar*
(lindsay) oh no
(lindsay) ill get so WET
(lindsay) like soooo WET doing this

9:38 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) I am pissed because i rolled half way across the country on a boulder

9:38 JRO123

(lindsay) *selects her raft and sets sail to the totem part*

9:38 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) This dog seems vicious...Hmm.... *Throws Tom at dog and grabs its collar off while its distracted mauling him*

9:38 JRO123

(lindsay) hey max help me paddle! :D
(lindsay) *paddles*

9:38 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Know your place woman

SteelWolf has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 9:38 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Heads over to the rafts*

9:38 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) You paddle for me

9:38 SteelWolf

(hayley) hi cunts

9:38 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


9:39 JRO123

(lindsay) maybe it was a bad idea to pick you.
(lindsay) *paddles by herself*

9:39 SteelWolf

(hayley) Chris I'll see you in court next saturday

9:39 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) It was an excellent idea

9:39 JRO123

(harold) hayley hayley where are your manners

9:39 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Come on Tom get on! *Hops onto a raft and begins paddling*

9:39 SteelWolf

(hayley) you are LUCKY that I had enough face cream from all those blisters

9:39 JRO123

(lindsay) the beach approaches yay

9:39 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *starts paddling because he feels like it*

9:39 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Pffft, I'm not scared. I'll hit up my lawyer

9:39 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *is more than halfway there*

9:39 SteelWolf

(hayley) shut up HAROLD

9:39 JRO123

(troy) you look good B) @ hayley

9:40 SteelWolf

(hayley) The evidence is so strong your lawyer will kill himself

9:40 JRO123

(lindsay) *arrives @ beach and starts on her totem*

9:40 SteelWolf

(leonard) hi
(hayley) omg hi Tom

9:40 Chwiis 3.0 guys should i trim my ass hairs? 9:40 Dark Knight Rebirth i hope you know the boot order jro 9:40 JRO123

(lindsay) *starts with courtney and puts tom on top, followed by katie, then rodney*

9:40 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Arrives at the beach and runs toward totem pole*

9:40 JRO123

(lindsay) *adds hayley, gerry, demika, harold and troy in that order*


(tom) *is on the floor or the raft Laurie is my face okay?? *face is fucked up

9:40 Dark Knight Rebirth yes chwiis 9:41 JRO123

(lindsay) *finishes w/ adding leonard, stephanie, and max, completing the totem.*


(Laurie) you never looked this great Tom!

9:41 Dark Knight Rebirth it will make your ass sweaty if you let it grow 9:41 JRO123

(lindsay) *picks up heavy totem* OOF
(lindsay) *heads to volcano*
(lindsay) one final step girl you got this

9:41 SteelWolf what r elim ppl doing 9:41 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) oh my god she might do this

9:41 JRO123 spectating 9:41 Heozaki

(troy) Pftt....

9:41 SteelWolf

(leonard) *pushes Lindsay into lava*

9:41 Dark Knight Rebirth

(katie) >.>

9:41 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Adds Courtney, Tom, Katie, Rodney, Hayley, and Gerry*

9:41 SteelWolf

(hayley) You all are worthless losers

9:41 Heozaki

(troy) Conf: I would've brought more excitement to this finale

9:41 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tom) Thanks Laurie Love you girl

9:42 JRO123

(lindsay) *runs upwards on the volcano*

9:42 Chwiis 3.0


9:42 Heozaki

(troy) You're my worthless loser ;)

9:42 SteelWolf


9:42 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


9:42 JRO123

(harold) what are you pffting about we all lost fair and square

9:42 Chwiis 3.0 how many niggers does it take to change a lightbulb 9:42 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood tom helping laurie 9:42 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *adds Demika, Harold, Troy, Leonard, Stephanie, and Max*

9:42 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood nigga wtf is wrong with your blood looking ass 9:42 JRO123

(harold) well stephanie did screw me over but water under the bridge >.>

9:42 Dark Knight Rebirth none chwiis 9:42 SteelWolf


9:42 Dark Knight Rebirth they need it to see eachother 9:42 SteelWolf

(leonard) wtf is this witchery


(Laurie) *Runs over to volcano*

9:42 JRO123

(lindsay) *carries totem up volcano* almost there!

9:42 DegrassiFTW27 indeed, tom is the finale assistant boi 9:43 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Carrying totem up volcano, right behind Lindsay*

9:43 JRO123

(lindsay) *arrives @ peak and tosses totem into the lava*

9:43 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(steph) harold please shut up I'm done with you *moves away from Harold*

9:43 SteelWolf


9:43 JRO123

(lindsay) *jumps onto throne*
(lindsay) *gasping for breath*

9:43 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) OH DAMN

9:43 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Throws totem into lava*

9:43 Chwiis 3.0 Does Rocky win? 9:43 SteelWolf

(hayley) Fuck you all!

9:43 JRO123

(lindsay) *uprights herself in throne*

9:43 Rocky XXVII

JRO tossed it in first

i forgot what parts next 9:43 Chwiis 3.0 sit on the throne 9:44 JRO123

(lindsay) ...killed it :D

9:44 SteelWolf

(hayley) AND YOU *points to Troy*

9:44 JRO123

(harold) hayley just stop

9:44 Heozaki

(troy) Sure. When and where?

9:44 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *rusn towards throne*

9:44 JRO123

(harold) nobody cares

9:44 SteelWolf

(hayley) jump in the lava

9:44 JRO123

(lindsay) *is sitting in it*

9:44 Chwiis 3.0 rj 9:44 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Grabs Lindsay and throws her off*

9:44 Heozaki

(troy) *winks*

9:44 Rocky XXVII

(LAurie) Bitch!

9:44 JRO123

(lindsay) HEY

9:44 SteelWolf hi chwiis my fatjer father 9:44 JRO123

(lindsay) *face plants*

9:44 Chwiis 3.0 does leonard still have beef with lindsay 9:44 JRO123

(lindsay) umph.

9:44 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I'm the best woman here! *Gets up on throne*

9:44 SteelWolf o roght 9:44 JRO123

(lindsay) i got there first laurie!

9:44 SteelWolf

(leonard) *runs up and punches lindsay*

9:45 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *comes down in helicopter, dropping down next to Laurie on her thrown* Laurie!

9:45 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Woohoo! I'm the Queen of The Gauntlet!

9:45 SteelWolf

(leonard) *shoves lava rocks up her mouth*
(leonard) *drags her towards lava*

9:45 JRO123 stop 9:45 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) *has briefcase of money in hand* You are officially the WINNER of The Gauntlet!

9:45 SteelWolf

(leonard) *bangs her head on more lava rocks*

9:45 JRO123 WTF grass 9:45 Rocky XXVII boi Grass said he would PM the winner 9:45 SteelWolf

(hayley) Troy I was never into you you desperate freak

9:45 JRO123 so the challenge didnt mean shit 9:45 Chwiis 3.0 wtf Laurie Queen is a heteronormative term that doesnt include non binary genderless tensgndersdsadas you cisgender transhphobe 9:45 JRO123 ? 9:45 SteelWolf

(hayley) Youre harassing me

9:46 DegrassiFTW27 .... 9:46 Rocky XXVII You weren't supposed to rush like that 9:46 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(gerry) Yeah Laurie so do I get a 22% cut :D

9:46 Rocky XXVII and actually win 9:46 JRO123 tf 9:46 Rocky XXVII unless he PM'ed you saying so 9:46 SteelWolf

(hayley) And my boyfriend will beat u up

9:46 JRO123 how else was i supposed to do it 9:46 Rocky XXVII at the end 9:46 OkaTree @hayley hugh mungus 9:46 Rocky XXVII He said beforehand 9:46 Chwiis 3.0 here comes the beef 9:46 JRO123 i mustve missed that 9:46 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

jro u stupid

9:46 DegrassiFTW27 you were scared of the vote all day and now you're surprised he won off the vote lol 9:46 Chwiis 3.0


9:46 JRO123 that seems fishy i was on that throne 9:46 Chwiis 3.0 whats 9 plus 10 9:46 JRO123 so what did the challenge do ? 9:46 Chwiis 3.0


9:46 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) *Grabs briefcase and holds it up high* I DID IT! I DID IT FOR WOMEN ALL AROUND THE WORLD! I BROKE THE GLASS CEILING!

9:47 Chwiis 3.0 how many angles in an octagon? 9:47 JRO123

(lindsay) ...but i got there first tho

9:47 SteelWolf

(leonard) *punches Lindsay* shut up you lost *chokes her with robe*

9:47 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

jro sometimes you're the stupidest bitch here i swear

9:47 Chwiis 3.0


9:47 SteelWolf

(leonard) *puts wizard robe on her*

9:47 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) did you get your entire ass on it though? I doubt it, since it's so fat

9:47 JRO123

(lindsay) thats...
(lindsay) WHAT THE
(lindsay) NOT

9:47 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) And yes, I'm bodyshaming you

9:47 JRO123

(lindsay) CALLED FOR

9:47 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Oh well

9:47 JRO123

(lindsay) WHAT DID YOU SAY

9:47 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Maybe next time

9:47 SteelWolf

(leonard) *only wearing boxers* Ladies and gentlemen...LINDSAY IS THE NEW WIZARD RULER
(leonard) *bows down*

9:48 JRO123

(lindsay) *tackles laurie* THAT IS IT

9:48 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(gerry) Lindsay beat her up! CATFIGHT *gets his IPhone 2 ready*

9:48 JRO123

(lindsay) *tussles w laurie*

9:48 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) What a season! What a winner!

9:48 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) Cus this whole Social Justice shit was just me trying to get brownie points since half the cast is filled with minorities

9:48 Chwiis 3.0

(Devin) *hands Lindsay a flyer*

9:48 SteelWolf

(hayley) Aw, two hopeless love rejects going at it

9:48 JRO123

(harold) i didnt follow any of that challenge tbh didnt lindsay get there first*

9:48 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I don't even like Mexicans!

9:48 SteelWolf

(hayley) Cute
(hayley) anyways chris if u lose the case i get ir mansion

9:48 JRO123 wait so what was the reward 4 the challenge 9:49 Chwiis 3.0 lmao jro actually tried to win by godding 9:49 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(gerry) OOH yeah girls work it!! *talks to camera* this will sell for a couple of bucks *winks*

9:49 DegrassiFTW27 the challenge was for show 9:49 JRO123 ur kidding lol 9:49 Rocky XXVII

(Laurie) I did NOT screw over Lindsay. Lindsay SCREWED Lindsay!

9:49 DegrassiFTW27 there was no vote in the actual storyline 9:49 JRO123 o so did i get a single vote 9:49 Chwiis 3.0

jro im not even in it and i understood

u dumbfuck 9:49 Rocky XXVII Grass told me it was a complete sweep 9:49 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood ^ @ chwiis 9:49 JRO123 lel big shock 9:49 SteelWolf

(leonard) true laurie *takes lindsays robe off and hands it to Laurie* LAURIE IS THE NEW WIZARD RULER

9:50 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

jro what did you think the changelle was for

9:50 JRO123 well i guess i do have the automatic handicap of being JRO so it makes sense i lost the vote

(harold) yo chris

9:50 Dark Knight Rebirth remember jro 9:50 JRO123

(harold) im returning next season right im pretty much a series regular at this point B)

9:50 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) Yes?

9:50 Dark Knight Rebirth there is always next season 9:50 Chwiis 3.0 Grass do sign ups 9:50 JRO123 ye i guess so 9:51 SteelWolf

(hayley) Anyways I think I won

9:51 Dark Knight Rebirth

(alejandro) CHRIS

9:51 JRO123

(chris) :O

9:51 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


9:51 JRO123

(chris) ITS THE FUZZ

9:51 Rocky XXVII So how are we gonna close up this finale 9:51 SteelWolf

(hayley) YES!

9:51 DegrassiFTW27

(chris) I mean, we do have a little something planned...but that's for later. It's time to call it a season! I'll see you all next time -- what!? *is tackled by Al