Canadian Horror Story Edit

(We see a GO typing on his computer with many Fast Eddie's Bags across his room and His handcrafted made from butter OTDRP players trophies and a "Friends" Poster) 

GO: *yells loudly at his computer while typing* FU*K YOU ROCKER YOU SUCK DOGGY DIK!

GO: *watches the chat intensely and sees something he doesn't like and starts muttering curse words*

GO: *yells* They Have no respect for me!!!!!  *looks sinister*  Well I guess this is the final straw isn't that right Scarlett, Winner of TDSS.

Go: *then begins to lick The handcrafted scarlett trophy*  You like that huh ;)  *beings to take off his shirt.....*

(Later in TD house)

TD: *watches BB*

TD: dis shet is dat bomb doe!

(With lightning flashing we see a go shaped figure in the background) 

GO: oh TD.. ;) 

TD: wtf do you want with me bitch!

GO: Nothing......nothing...........

GO: *then begins to walk slowly to TD*

TD: *nervous* eh what are you going to do

GO: Nothing......Nothing 

TD: Heh hee 

Go: *grabs a Fat Eddie's Bag* 

(Tomorrow at Chat only Heo,Rocky and Grass are at the chat)

Heo: Guys  I invited these hot English girls to the chat any I don't want anything to happen to them..... 

~HotBritsihGirl1256 joins the chat~

Rocky: Lol that's a sock! Heo can't get girls xD

Heo: Nuh uh!

Grass: Heo they misspelled British  

Rocky: tbh only Fiz would do this with that bad of misspelled

Grass: Where if Fiz anyway and where is anyone tbh

BritishGirl: heo ;) meet me at the Fast Eddie's on Avenue 31st Street

Rocky: Tf kinda of Street name is that!

Grass: Heo its a trap!!

Heo: suddenly..10 chat members vanish and I can't go see some random girl off the internet who wants to meet me on one of the most shady street in America!

Heo: I'm going!

~Heozaki has left the chat~

Rocky: welp he's a goner

Grass: Ditto

Rocky: Dildo? I knew you were horny but this is ridiculous! *trollface*

Grass: :|

(Cut to Heo entering a rundown Fast Eddie's) 

Heo: Oh Nicole! *shivering*

Voice: heoooooo

Heo: NICOLE! *runs down the creaky stairs* Wait......My username on Eharmony is DairyQueenLover360!

Heo: *tries to run up stairs but door closes*

Voice: Where do you think you're going

Heo: *gulp slowly walks down stairs*

Heo: *hits edge of the stairs*

(The Voice is realized to be a Fast Eddie's Soundboard; NOW IN STORES FOR 24.50 DOLLARS) 

Heo: What is this

Go: Oh I can explain see Heo you guys didn't treat me with any respect so I had to get my revenge! by harvesting you guys!



GO: Don't worry heo I will make sure that you are sold in a Fast Eddie Little Bits Meal! 

Heo: YOUR A CREEP *starts to run in circles*

GO: Please stop running it ruins speads out your food *hits Heo with a rake and puts him into a BBQ favored Human Pouch*


Fiz: Aw shit!

GO: None can stop me *a brick falls on him*

Grass: Besides me and Rocky boi!

Toast: Now that's a guy that got Toasted!

Fiz: and weeded!

Rocker: and janed it!

Chwiss: And he got shreked!

TD: and Aaryan!

Team: and Max goofed

Jro: and Jroed!

Grass: Nah man you ruined it

JRO: ;( 

Chwiss: What are we doing to this fucker! *kicks a knocked out Go*

RJ: I have a place for him!

(Go wakes up at a Gay Strip Club) 

GO:Huh? Where am I?

Garret: oh hi big boy ;)


(Garret drags Go to his trailer) 

Garret: ;)