In a chat based on a cartoon, there was a little boy named Benny Oliva, but everyone called him Heo. His birthday was coming up, but nobody did anything for him because he is disliked strongly, so his father, DegrassiFTW27, decided to invite everyone into another chat and throw a party.

Grass: Okay now Heo, what do you want to do for your birthday?

Heo: I want to get Ice Cream and look at asian girl videos

Grass: Umm.. anything else.

Heo: I also want to RP a cartoon

Grass: Weren't you supposed to go on a date though?

Heo: RP is more important, father.

Grass: Umm, fine.

Heo: I also want a burrito 

Grass: NO! *slaps Heo and sends him to bed*

Heo: The lord doesn't approve of this

Grass: stfu boi

The Next Day

Heo: *wakes up Grass*

Grass: Wtf do you want fuqboi

Heo: I want breakfast make me ice cream

Grass: You cant cook ice cream wtf are you on

Heo: I'm on ice cream

Grass: Oh

Heo: *hits Grass with bible* The lord doesn't approve of this

Grass: Go back to sleep its early

Heo: No don't ever threaten me with that shit again

Grass: I have to be well rested for my party


Grass: no you fuqboi wtf are you on im throwing a party with everyone else

Heo: But I want a Bday party

Grass: *throws iPad with pulled up on it* there

Heo: Nice *runs to his room and watches it*

5 Hours Later

  • Grass is seen shaking everyone's hand as they come into the house*

Grass: Ty for coming haha!

Heo: *upstairs, crying* Grass is mean to me, and the lord does not approve of that fuqboi shit

Grass: Okay everyone, lets get started. We are gonna play a game called Pin the Cross on the Heo. Lemme go get Heo. *runs upstairs*

Dark: Sooo...dem llamas.

Shelby: im lama 

Aqua: Stfu Shelby shush

Shelby: *bites Aqua* no u


Fiz: so rj who ur fav survivor villian mines jerri

RJ: I like Russell

  • Grass is seen walking downstairs with a sleeping Heo in his arms*

Grass: Ok lets start *ties Heo to wall, his ass is facing everyone*

Fiz: me first i hate heo

Fiz: *throws cross in Heo's ass*

RJ: me me me *throws cross at Heo and misses his ass* Oops, I threw it in his neck

Aqua: lmao me next

Aqua: *runs up to Heo and stabs him repeatedly with cross* HAHAHAHAHAHAA

Grass: Woah woah woah *stops Aqua*

Aqua: Ugh

Grass: Okay okay, lets stop before this gets out of hand *throws Heo back up stairs*

Grass: Time to sing songs, gather around the piano as Dark sings the Troll song.

  • Everyone gathers around the piano*

Dark: *clears voice*

Dark: *starts playing the piano and singing* OOOOOOH TROLL OL OL OL OL OL OL OL OL OLL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL OL OL OL

  • everyone sings along*


Fiz: jro stfu

JRO: No Fiz Jew Jokes aren't nice

  • all suddenly stop singing and look over*

Heo: *pissing on the ground*

Grass: tf boi

Heo: your gonna die up there...

Heather: XD XD XD XD XD

Grass: Uh.. sorry guys, Heo has been acting like a fuqboi all day. *slaps Heo and sends him to his room*

Aqua: lmao

Grass: Umm.. I think you should all go home, Heo might have Ebola or some shit.

Shelby: rude *leaves house along with everyone else*

== END OF PART 1 ==