(Everyone is at a house during Halloween, JRO is dressed as Mega-Man,  Heo is dressed up as Andrew Garfield, Team is Frieza, Toast is a Toaster, and Fiz is Selena Gomez also Grass is sitting there reading a Newspaper)

JRO: I'm not gay bu-

Garret: *bursts in the house* But I am! 

Team: I'll get the Garret spray 

(Team sprays Garret out of the House) 

Jro: Anyway this Mega-Man suit is pretty damn sexy

Fiz: Yay this is going to be the Best Halloween Ever!

Grass: Yeah I feel like you guys are going to get your self's in some shit tbh >.>

Team: But I have Garret spray

Grass: Besides Garret like pedos trouble!

Heo: I thought you were a pedo though

Grass: Shut the fuck up boi atleast I am not going Trick-or-Treating 

Team: I feel like this is going to be lame after all we Have JRO and Heo I wonder where Rocky went

(Cuts to Rocky at a Ziggler benefit ceremony)

Ziggler: Thanks everyone for coming here! And we can stop Hunger in Africa! *reveals a Huge poster reading  DOLPH ZIGGLER SAVES Hunger in Africa*

Rocky: *dresses as a Butler serving Ziggler* Nice speech but... *gets out his shotgun and shoots Ziggler* I'M THE MASTER NOW *steals the belt and jumps out the window*

(Fades to the trick and Treating group)

Team: *knocks on door*

(door opens to show a 21 year old guy with a Cody shirt) 

Guy: Hey does someone want so candy!

JRO: YES CANDY IS MY LIFE *Starts to freak out*

Guy: ;) I like my guys fat and plump Bring dah ass here!

JRO: 0_0

Toast: Hehhe weird can we get candy?

Guy: Sure hey you *points at Jro* The candy is in my house ;) cum in here :D 

JRO: *runs away*

Team: Do we still get Candy?

Guy: ....No *closes door* 

(They walk to the next house)

Toast: Damn we could of got candy JRO

JRO: Sorry if I don't like being Raped... :|

Fiz: *knocks on door to a slutty dressed girl

Fiz: Sexy

Girl: *smokes cigarette* so you want *starts to cough uncontrollably* candy

Fiz: Si senora

Girl: Well *coughs again* Just *coughs* Wait *coughs* a minute

Girl: *hands out some condoms* 

Fiz: Might as well.. . *eats a condom* This was stomach hurts...

Toast: These is the worst Halloween ever!

Voice: Now wait just a minute!!

(The group turns around to see Chwiss in a Shrek costume* 

Chwiss: You guys just can't go to random houses you have to go to houses with the biggest Shafts.

Heo: If your a Expert then show us the way!

Chwiss: Sure thing mate

Heo: Wait where Fiz?

Fiz: *humps a street lamp*

Fiz: *runs in a strip club*

Toast: ah man he ran in a strip club I guess I am going to have to fish him out Oh well darn! :D *runs to Strip club* Guys get me candy also make sure Jro doesn't handle my candy, horny little Candy monster he is.

Chwiss: Follow me small shafters! 

(Soon their bags are full with candy and Jro has noticeably gained some pounds) 

JRO: Look at all this candy!

Chwiss: Eh mate I seen more and I know where to find it!

JRO: DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING MAN *grabs on to Chwiss*

Chwiss: Eh get off me you Human sized Twinkie

Chwiss: Besides its going to be Dangerous *puts on sunglasses*

(Toast pays a woman to strip while Fiz smells a man ass)

Man: Eh what the fuck!

Toast: *has lotion in pocket* Hey I was doing something with those women!

Man: why is there Minors in here anyway!

Toast: uh.....THE POWER OF TOAST COMPELS YOU *throws a Toaster at his face*

(Toast and Fiz run out the strip club)

(Meanwhile Chwiss ,Heo,JRO and Team are in the Woods)

Heo: Where the candy Chwiss?

Chwiss: Over The cliff

JRO: Candy! *jumps off the cliff*

Heo: Uh chwiss? *gets punched by chwiss and falls of cliff* 

Team: Might as Well *jumps off cliff* 

Chwiss: MWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH *takes off his mask to reveal he was Rimi all along and dumps all the candy*

Rimi: Take that for not joining my Rp!

(The Real Chwiss jumps out at Rimi)

Chwiss: Rimi you faggot with a small shaft

Rimi: Chwiss my old enemy >:D..This is where we end it

(Rimi grabs chwiss and swings him to a tree while Chwiss punches Rimi knocking him off, and Chwiss gets up to kick Rimi but Rimi Godplays and lands on Chwiss chest choking chwiss)

Rimi: Die Die DIE


Rimi: *turns around but instead gets hit by a pan held by Team*

Team: I'm too Max Goof to not save the day B)

Chwiss: *grabs Rimi and swings him off the cliff* What about JRO and Heo...

JRO: *climbs up cliff and throws up Heo*

Heo: *shudders*

Chwiss: I guess we're Glad JRO is fat enough to use as a Flotation device 

(They all head back)

JRO: T_T WE HAVE NO CANDY T-T *snot leaks out of his Nose* CANDY!

Toast: Are you sure of that!


Toast: Yes see while we were walking home we went to the business of the condoms Fiz ate and they got us money which I bought all this candy with.


Grass: Fattie. 

Heo: Lets Sing a Halloween Song to get in the spirits! 

Grass: No fag

Rocky: *breaks in the door * Season's Beatings! *hands Heo the head of Ziggler*

Heo: :O

(The sceen fades out to the widnow of the house) ---end---