(chris) Welcome back to Total Drama! It’s been a while hasn’t it?

(chris) You have watched these contestants do it all, from surviving deadly island life to flying around the globe, the possibilities have been endless.
(chris) However, I can top all of that with the best idea I’ve come up with yet.
(chris) With a special loan and some dealing on the side, I have managed to get us to our seventh season of production!
(chris) 18 previously featured contestants will be sailing the 7 seas with yours truly, the host with the most, Chris McLean!
(chris) Yeah, you heard that right, we’re going into uncharted territory baby!
(chris) The dangers of the seas will be ours to discover in this crappy hunting boat I “bought”. This will all begin right here, right now, on……….
(chris) TOTAL!
(chris) DRAMA!

(chris) 7 SEAS!


Dark Knight Rebirth


8:02 Heozaki (intro) 8:02 JRO123

(chef) *driving bus* I bet Chris had a long ass intro >.>

8:02 Heozaki (We see the inside of a bus, where all the contestants are waiting to arrive in their location) 8:02 Rocky XXVII lmao Dark 8:02 JRO123

(chef) sick of his tomfoolery

8:03 Heozaki

(jo) This bus is so crappy, I wanted to be somewhere open

8:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(devin) *playing on his Phone with headphones in*

8:03 Heozaki Everyone can talk now lol 8:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood oops wrong person lol 8:03 Rocky XXVII quick question 8:03 Heozaki Hmm? 8:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *

8:03 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Really Chef? Cause I'm loving it. *puts his feet up on Chef's seat*

8:04 JRO123

(dwayne) this is exciting, huh son? we're going on your favorite show! Am i a great dad or what

8:04 Rocky XXVII is this supposed to be canon with the show? Or are we pretending the characters never played before 8:04 Heozaki Yes Canon 8:04 JRO123

(chef) Boi, you better not have stepped in anything

8:04 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *not listening*

8:04 Heozaki

(cody) *walks around the bus, trying to flirt with the girls there*

8:04 Berryleaf

(Duncan) A man doesn't kiss and tell.

8:04 JRO123

(dwayne) Now, Junior, what did I tell you about earbuds during conversation

8:04 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *sleeps off her diabetic pills*

8:04 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *working on secret gizmo whispering to self* With this hidden explosive, I can destroy everyone on the bus and win the million by default! Delightfully devilish Maxy. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

8:05 Heozaki

(jo) *looks at Max* who's this weasel?

8:05 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *takes out one earbud* Huh did you say something?

8:05 JRO123

(harold) *chilling* great to be back B)

8:05 Heozaki

(cody) Harold, my dude!

8:05 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Texting on her iPhone Over 9000 on social media about how horrible her traveling experiences are so far* Why do we have to ride this disgusting bus again?

8:05 Dark Knight Rebirth

(MAX) WEASEL?!? I'll have you know you are talking to your future Emperor young sir!

8:05 Pierzina

(heather) Oh great, the dweebs are multiplying.

8:05 JRO123

(harold) whats up Cody

8:06 Heozaki


8:06 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) *applying lip gloss* I wonder where we're going?

8:06 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Guys! i am sooooo happy to be playing with you all again! Isn't this exciting?

8:06 Pierzina

(heather) Not really.

8:06 JRO123

(dwayne) Now junior, the whole point of coming out here was to get you some new experiences

8:06 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) You're gonna be my future janitor if you keep that tone with me mister!

8:06 JRO123

(dwayne) you have enough time on your screens *takes iphone*

8:07 Heozaki (The bus stops. The camera pans to Chris who's all smiles and giggles.) 8:07 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Um, Heather right? It's been a while. Mind if I sit with you?

8:07 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) Omg yes! I'm excited already.

8:07 Heozaki

(chris) Our cast has been in a long bus ride to here, to Canada’s West Coast in the best ship parking that a few hundred dollars can buy!

8:07 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) OMG Lindsay! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

8:07 Heozaki (The cameras pan towards a desolated and shady area. The area is not well kept and Chris is standing behind a covered object. Chef arrives with his bags, irritated about something) 8:07 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *stops being bland* Oh crap! The show started already!

8:07 JRO123

(harold) yeah its pretty lit to be back. Weird chris didnt call me up for all stars, but whatever

8:07 Pierzina

(tom) OhmyGOSH. Is that Tylie Denner certified lipgloss? @Lindsay I'm OBSESSED with her lip kits. They are *so* chic.

8:07 JRO123

(chef) *parks bus*
(chef) yknow you could
(chef) have done some of the driving

8:08 Berryleaf

(duncan) *falls out of his seat* Whoa, watch it pal!

8:08 Heozaki

(chris) Eh, that's your job Chef
(chris) Oh, here are our victims-I mean contestants…. (whisper) I don’t wanna go to prison again. Welcome back!

8:08 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Looks at Zoey* Girl, that outfit? Yuck! Has to go!

8:08 Pierzina

(tom) *raises hand*

8:08 JRO123

(chef) cant get no respect ;(

8:08 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *has delayed reactions from his phone being taken away* HEY

8:08 Heozaki

(chris) Yes, Tom?

8:08 JRO123

(harold) yo, Chris

8:08 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) But it's the most popular thing where I'm from....

8:08 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) It just screams "Basic Bitch"

8:09 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) ......

8:09 Heozaki

(chris) What do you want Harold?

8:09 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) give it BACKKK

8:09 JRO123

(harold) idk

8:09 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *Conf* This is gonna be one of those seasons isn't it?

8:09 JRO123

(harold) just saying hello

8:09 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) dadddddddd give it back

8:09 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *puts a hand on Zoey's shoulder* I happen to think it looks GREAT.

8:09 JRO123

(harold) been a while, buddy

8:09 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *stretches arms as he steps out* Ugh, finally here. Back to this again...

8:09 Pierzina

(tom) I have a couple of questions. First of all, are there any neck pillows? Cause I get cramps and I do NOT feel like booking another apointment with my chiropractor.

8:09 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *glares at Taylor*

8:09 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Thank you Bridgette!

8:09 Rocky XXVII if this was a Bare Bones season right now Chris would be asking why Harold is back for the 9000th time 8:09 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) I'm just here to help

8:09 Heozaki

(chris) Well, we don't have the budget for nice things, Tom. We do have a budget for what I'm about to show, behind this piece of cloth

8:10 Berryleaf

(duncan) Is it my probation papers?

8:10 Heozaki

(chris) Of course not
(chris) It's.... (takes off the cloth) A SHIP!

8:10 Pierzina

(tom) Sheesh, did you spend all the budget on this bus? These seats are like sandpaper, totes disappoint.

8:10 JRO123

(dwayne) wow, she's a beaut

8:10 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Is it a battleship with power to take over the entire planet?

8:11 JRO123

(dwayne) what could be better than father and son out on the high seas

8:11 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Dad, you know Mom going to watch this?

8:11 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) *sees the ship* Omg! I've always wanted to go on a cruise!

8:11 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

  • mom's

8:11 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) *looks at chip and widens eyes* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW

8:11 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) We're going on the ocean for this season? Awesome!

8:11 Pierzina

(heather) Wow, Chris it reminds me of you.

8:11 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Sure is a step up from my pappy's fishing boat

8:11 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) So cool
(Taylor) Um... Excuse me

8:11 Pierzina

(heather) Rusty and should have been put out of it's misery a decade ago. :~)

8:12 Heozaki

(chris) For the next several weeks, you all will be enjoying this ship's presence in your lives! From the sea sickness to the barnacles, it'll be a blast!

8:12 JRO123

(harold) uh oh...hope my irritable bowels dont act up due to seasickness
(harold) I might need to take some antacids

8:12 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) No way am I even stepping foot on that thing. I get sea sick

8:12 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) This is my first time being on the Ocean floor.

8:12 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) Sounds fun!

8:12 JRO123

(harold) you and me both!
(harold) oy vey

8:12 Heozaki

(chris) But before we start with today's amazing challenge, you guys will be divided into teams

8:12 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) There isn't gonna be any icebergs will there?

8:12 JRO123

(dwayne) Uh, Chris, any chance I can be teamed up with my boy here

8:12 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) This was never agreed upon in my contract! you better fix this mistake or else I'm calling my daddy!

8:13 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) DAD?! Stop

8:13 Heozaki

(chris) I can't promise anything good because honestly, we could all die in this ship (laughs)

8:13 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) That's not funny.

8:13 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) We're really letting grown men on these shows now?

8:13 JRO123

(dwayne) I'd feel alot more comfortable if we were on the same team, son, I need to make sure you're safe :)

8:13 Pierzina

(heather) Any chance that I can be on a team with myself? Considering I *am* the most experienced veteran here and I don't feel like bunking with these rookies. I could use the extra space.

8:13 JRO123

(dwayne) what would happen if you fell in the water

8:13 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) Chris! Pleaaase put me on the same team as Beth. I'll give you my designer lipgloss!

8:13 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *to self* Death is just the first on the list..........

8:13 Heozaki

(chris) Scott, we have old men on this show already. Look at Chef

8:13 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) I agree with Lindsay

8:13 Pierzina

(tom) Rude! I totally should be the first in line.

8:13 JRO123

(chef) >.>

8:14 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *conf* I signed on this show to get away from my family not spend the whole time with Daddy

ShroomstagramUser has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:14 Heozaki

(chris) Now, I need the following contestants to stand over here
(chris) Harold

8:14 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) the real question is why do we have 6 year olds on these shows now?

8:14 Heozaki

(chris) Heather
(chris) Gwen

8:14 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Brainwashing from a young age will make the takeover easier.

8:14 Heozaki

(chris) Duncan

8:14 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) This just keeps getting better and better.

8:15 Heozaki

(chris) Tammy

8:15 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) I'm not 6! *voice cracks* I'm sixteen

8:15 Heozaki

(chris) Lindsay

8:15 Berryleaf

(duncan) No kidding. *rolls eyes*

8:15 Heozaki

(chris) Cody

8:15 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Adorable!

8:15 Heozaki

(chris) Max
(chris) And Beth

8:15 JRO123

(dwayne) hes the grand prize of me loins!
(dwayne) *kisses junior*

8:15 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Yaaay we're on the same team Lindsay!

8:15 Berryleaf

(duncan) Hey Chris, any chance I could get a team with less losers on it?

8:15 Heozaki

(cody) Conf: Gwen and I on the same team? Yes!

8:15 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Talk about a team of scrubs....

8:15 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) @ dwaynne* Stop! *curls up in a ball and starts po

8:15 Heozaki

(cody) Hey Gwen

8:15 JRO123

(harold) yeah, im not crazy about being paired up with duncan

8:15 Ruriguru (Linsdsay) Yay! *tosses Chris her designer lipgloss* 8:16 JRO123

(harold) I mean uh

8:16 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) just great.

8:16 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) *Conf* Unfortunately though I'm also on the same team as Heather :(

8:16 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) You got that right! I mean, LOOK AT ALL THIS FODDER!

8:16 Pierzina

(heather) *snarls at Gwen and scoffs* Do you have some sort of weird fixation with putting me with the likes of goth garbage?

8:16 Berryleaf

(duncan) I don't care for you much either turtlenerd so I suggest you cram it before I shut your mouth for you.

8:16 JRO123

(harold) yikes!

8:16 Heozaki

(chris) From now on, you will all be referred to as....THE SALTY SCALLYWAGS!

8:16 JRO123

(harold) gosh

8:16 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *whines* I don't wanna be on this show annnymoree

8:17 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) too bad, kid

8:17 Dark Knight Rebirth


8:17 Berryleaf

(Duncan) That's strikes one and two Harold. Open your mouth one more time and you're in for a world of pain. *cracks knuckles*

8:17 Heozaki

(chris) Now the rest of you, come over here

8:17 Pierzina

(heather) Ew. Did you rip these names out of the Spongebob Squarepants encyclopedia?

8:17 Heozaki

(chris) Scott
(chris) Dwayne and Junior
(chris) Zoey

8:17 JRO123

(dwayne) you hear that, son!
(dwayne) we're on the same team after all :D

8:17 Heozaki

(chris) DJ
(chris) Jo

8:17 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *face palms* I should of joined band camp instead :(

8:17 Heozaki

(chris) Bridgette
(chris) Tom

8:18 Pierzina

(tom) Wig!

8:18 Heozaki

(chris) and Taylor!

8:18 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Hey guys. *high fives DJ* What's up?

8:18 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) don't worry, dude.

8:18 Heozaki

(Jo) Look at this chumpy team

8:18 JRO123

(dwayne) now son, what happened to a positive attitude

8:18 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Come on Deej, don't leave me hanging.

8:18 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) *high fives bridgette

8:18 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Looks at team* I think I'm gonna be sick

8:18 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) I wouldn't say it's that chumpy Jo.........

8:18 JRO123

(dwayne) boy, it sure is great to meet all you DUDES

8:18 Heozaki

(jo) Conf: We have a guy who looks 60, a kid who can't be older than 3 and the rest of the rejects

8:18 Berryleaf

(bridgette) I'm not a dude, dude.

8:18 JRO123

(dwayne) look at us, a buncha crazy kids!

8:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) This gives us a chance to work together at least!

8:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Dad, stop being a...... dad

8:19 Pierzina

(tom) Chumpy? I'll let you know I'm a very prestigous fashion blogger.

8:19 Heozaki

(chris) From now on, you guys will be known as The Scurvy Dogs!

8:19 Pierzina

(tom) I have my own stickers! *slaps sticker on Zoey's face* See? Totally trendy.

8:19 Heozaki

(chris) Great names, huh? I came up with them myself (smiles)

8:19 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) Aww, dogs? I love puppies!

8:19 JRO123

(chef) >:O

8:19 Heozaki

(jo) No.

8:19 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Uh....what's scurvy?

8:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) This is able to come off right?

8:19 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Conf* Nobody on my team has any fashion sense except maybe Tom. I'm stuck with meatheads, a manly girl, two basic bitches and an old guy and his kid. Great.

8:19 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) I do, too, but that's not the kinds of dogs he had in mind.

8:20 Heozaki

(chris) I don't know, it just sounded cool *shrugs*

8:20 Pierzina

(tom) Of course it comes off! :)
(tom) It just has... side effects.

8:20 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *drinks vegan water*

8:20 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) I don't like the name. NOBODY compares me to a dog

8:20 Heozaki

(chris) Now that both teams are now assembled, I will introduce you to your first challenge

8:20 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) What kind of side effects are we talking about?

8:20 Heozaki

(chris) As I said earlier, this boat was the best a small budget could afford

8:21 JRO123

(harold) *picks nose but pulls out when he realizes people are watching*

8:21 Pierzina

(tom) *pulls out list* Scratchiness, redness of the cheeks, fever, explosive diarrhea.
(tom) Nothing big.

8:21 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) you had a budget of 50 dollars?

8:21 JRO123

(harold) so, some team we got here right fam

8:21 Heozaki

(chris) Your jobs today will be to make this boat look like I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on it

8:21 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Oh dear...........

8:21 Heozaki

(chris) Each team will have a half of the boat

8:21 Berryleaf

(Duncan) So we're stuck on cleaning duty? Man, I should've stayed back in prison.

8:21 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) of course

8:21 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Good, because this ugly thing could really use a makeover

8:21 JRO123

(harold) sweet! My time at interior decorating camp finally paying off

8:21 Heozaki

(chris) Whoever's half looks better to Chef and I will win the challenge

8:22 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) That's it? Well get to it then team! CHOP CHOP

8:22 JRO123

(dwayne) nothing like some good old father son carpentry!

8:22 Pierzina

(tom) *gasps* Designing?

8:22 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) alrighty, let's do this

8:22 Pierzina


8:22 JRO123

(dwayne) now, this is the kind of thing that builds character

8:22 Heozaki

(chris) As far as the losing team goes, they will be sent to a very shameful dunk with our new contraption, the PLANK OF SHAME!

8:22 Pierzina

(tom) This will be SO exciting! *claps*

8:22 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Do we at least get life jackets?

8:22 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Oooohh maybe we can decorate ours with beads and flowers! And cute animals!

8:22 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) ....These eliminations are getting more and more lame.

8:22 JRO123

(chef) *stares at tom*

8:23 Pierzina

(heather) Since I'm the only one with any decent ability when it comes to pretty much anything, I elect myself as team leader.

8:23 Heozaki

(chris) Scott, do you want to go on the plank of shame and meet your old shark friend?

8:23 Pierzina

(heather) Any rebuttals? No? Didn't think so.

8:23 Heozaki

(chris) Because we can arrange that right now

8:23 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Whatever Priss-cilla.
(duncan) Do you have any ideas?

8:23 JRO123

(harold) I mean, I guess?

8:23 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Oooooooooooooo

8:23 Heozaki

(chris) The challenge starts....NOW!

8:24 Pierzina

(heather) Great. We're doing a tropical theme.

8:24 Heozaki

(chris) You have one hour and a warehouse of crappy supplies

8:24 JRO123

(harold) isnt that a little obvious?

8:24 Heozaki

(chris) Make some magic people

8:24 DegrassiFTW27

(SCOTT) So....someone come up with something pretty

8:24 Pierzina

(heather) Aren't you a little dork?

8:24 JRO123

(harold) :(

8:24 Heozaki

(jo) I'm leading this team

8:24 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) what are we supposed to do with duct tape?

8:24 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *conf* I built all sorts of battleships back home! Big ones. Small ones. Even ones that could tear that shrimpy ship apart

8:24 Berryleaf

(duncan) It's true.

8:24 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *throws confetti on the ship* I bless this vessel with blood from the mighty lord Giygas *throws a bucket of goat blood on the deck* Heather, I blessed our vessel!

8:24 Heozaki

(jo) If anyone has a problem with that, they can tell me to my face

8:25 JRO123

(dwayne) wow, this'll be fun, junior! just like when we built your treehouse, remember!

8:25 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) well, uh..

8:25 JRO123

(dwayne) you were so cute back innocent

8:25 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) You guys made a treehouse?

8:25 Heozaki

(cody) Gwen, do you want to build stuff together?

8:25 JRO123

(dwayne) where did the years go ;(

8:25 Pierzina

(heather) Just as I thought. Everyone go get anything you think would work well with a tropical theme. Fruits, volcanoes, I don't care.

8:25 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Yeah, fun *rolls eyes*

8:25 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) not really in the mood

8:25 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Alright. I'll get to work on the supplies.

8:25 Heozaki

(jo) Old man and baby, I want a gym theme on the boat ASAP

8:25 Pierzina

(heather) We need a team for cleaning, a team to get supplies, and a team to start working on the actual design.

8:25 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) whatever she-beast. You go ahead and lead the way. I don't care just as long as I do as little work as possible to protect these beautiful hands of mine

8:26 Heozaki

(jo) Excuse me? You're scrubbing the decks, now. You better make them shine

8:26 JRO123

(dwayne) hey now, young lady, a little hard work never hurt anybody

8:26 Berryleaf

(duncan) CONF: I don't really know why I ever agreed to go back on this show. Not like the people here are getting any easier to look at. I mean, I guess I could use the money to get myself out of jail it really worth it? I dunno, man.

8:26 JRO123

(dwayne) I mean, look at me
(dwayne) im a self made man

8:26 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Dad, just listen to her she has more muscle in her one calf then you have in your whole body

8:26 Pierzina

(heather) Me, Lindsay, and Beth will clean. Gwen, Duncan, and Tammy go get supplies. Cody, Max, and Harold get to work in setting things up.
(heather) Any further questions?

8:26 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Jesus Christ...

8:27 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Hey Chris, is there a hidden quarter of the boat I could use?

8:27 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *eats vegetarian sandwich*

8:27 Pierzina

(heather) Good. Cause I wasn't going to ask.

8:27 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Oh yeah!? Make me

8:27 JRO123

(harold) conf: well, heather's already taken control of this team. I guess i'm good with that. Rather listen to her than Duncan, anyways...

8:27 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *conf* I mean, dealing with Heather again is brutal, but at least there's water to push her into.

8:27 Heozaki

(cody) Alright, Harold, let's get going
(chris) No Max

8:27 Pierzina

(heather) Now get to WORK! DO IT! DO IT! *starts clapping* Go, go, go!

8:27 JRO123

(harold) Cody, cody
(harold) let the master do his work B)

8:27 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Anything I could work on guys?

8:27 Heozaki

(jo) I need some people to help me on this boat now.

8:27 Berryleaf

(duncan) So Gwen. *bounces eyebrows* It's been a while. I bet you miss me.
(bridgette) What should I do, Jo?

8:27 Heozaki

(jo) Conf: I have to outsmart Heather. She's a hell of an opponent, but it's possible to do so

8:28 JRO123

(harold) oh brother

8:28 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) actually, Duncan, not really

LeoCTallon3 has left the building. 8:28 Heozaki

(jo) *grabs Dwayne and throws him on the boat to start working*

8:28 Berryleaf

(duncan) What? You're yankin' me.

8:28 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) *Reluctantly begins cleaning the inside* I really wanted ti decorate :(

8:28 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) Heather!

8:28 JRO123

(harold) lol you wish

8:28 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) We'll discuss it later

8:28 Rocky XXVII

  • to

8:28 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Ha!

8:28 JRO123

(harold) *ba dum crash*

8:28 Berryleaf

(Duncan) What do you mean later? Either you like me or not, come on! *drops all the supplies he was carrying*

8:29 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Conf* I can already tell that this Joseph guy is gonna be a real problem

8:29 Heozaki

(cody) *grabs some party supplies* We need some help Harold

8:29 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Conf: I love it, everyone is making themselves known - I need as many shields as possible

8:29 Dark Knight Rebirth Since this is TD : (owen) *farts* I think I found the poop deck. 8:29 Pierzina

(heather) [CONF: These losers should be thankful that I'm offering my advanced brain matter in their favor, cause I could easily ruin them. I may be a seasoned competitor, but I still have some tricks up my sleeve. Of course everyone's after me, cause they know I'm the queen of this show, and at the end of the day, people will always bow after the queen.

8:29 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) and what do I do?

8:29 JRO123

(harold) dude, Duncan! you spilled the paint everywhere

8:29 Heozaki

(chris) Conf: If it hasn't been made obvious, our confessional is now on the poop deck. Seems fitting doesn't it? Heh.

8:29 JRO123

(harold) gosh!

8:29 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Sits on the dick pretending to mildly scrub the floor with one hand while texting on her phone with the other hand*

8:30 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) I brought back suppiles heather *pulls out a sword, a berry and a plastic baggie full of white powder* LOOK Heather fairy dust

8:30 Pierzina

(heather) Get over yourself Beth. You think I'd trust you with decoration with... *points to Beth's face* THAT poor decoration you call your face? Yeah.

8:30 Heozaki

(jo) *slaps Taylor's phone and grabs it* WORK.

8:30 JRO123

(dwayne) so, whats poppin, homie! *@ dj*
(dwayne) my homedog!

8:30 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *scrubbing while grumbling to self* I'll teach these losers respect! Mark. My. Words....

8:30 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Hey! Give me my phone back!

8:31 Heozaki

(jo) I'll give it to you once we're done

8:31 JRO123

(harold) *painting mr coconut on the wall*

8:31 Pierzina

(heather) *starts coughing after Tammy throws the powder* Eugh! Are you on snow? *sneezes*

8:31 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Grumbles*

8:31 Heozaki

(jo) *starts to toss paint onto the boat* That looks great

8:31 Pierzina

(tom) *to Taylor* Hey, don't worry about it.

8:31 JRO123

(dwayne) my homedizzle!

8:31 Heozaki

(jo) Junior or whatever your name is, help me out with the spots I missed?

8:31 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *Steps on a plank and falls through the ship* AHHH!!!!

8:32 Zylothh wow this is killing my internet 8:32 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) sure

8:32 Pierzina

(tom) I feel you. They're just jealous that *we* have a reason to be on our phones cause we have actual social lives.

8:32 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) We?

8:32 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Hey Jo are you one of "those" girls

8:32 JRO123

(dwayne) never had a black friend before

LeoCTallon3 has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:32 Rocky XXVII

JRO no!

8:32 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *conf* And of course, I'm on the same team as an ex of mine, just great...and she's probably watching back home.

8:32 Rocky XXVII lol 8:32 JRO123

(dwayne) wait - i-i can say BLACK, right?

8:32 Pierzina

(tom) Yeah... we're the most fashionable and objectively most attractive competitors here.

8:33 JRO123

(dwayne) I meant african american, of course
(dwayne) eheheheheeh

8:33 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) You mean the shadow people?

8:33 Dark Knight Rebirth congrats jro 8:33 JRO123


8:33 Dark Knight Rebirth you got us banned 8:33 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Heather I got a better job for you. Why don't you go make me a sandwich?

8:33 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood lmao at scott 8:33 Berryleaf

(duncan) I'm STARVING.

8:33 Heozaki

(cody) *starts to decorate the deck with confetti and table covers

8:33 JRO123

(harold) smh, duncan
(harold) thats no way to talk to a woman >.>

8:33 Pierzina

(heather) Do I look like a housewife to you? Why don't you go get bent.

8:33 Berryleaf

(duncan) Only if I can bend over you. *snickers*

8:33 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Hey Jo are you one of "those" girls

8:33 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Ooooh. Hey, you're totally right! Ugly losers are just jealous cus they ain't us

8:33 JRO123

(harold) you tell him heather B)

8:34 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Harold my dear boy. He's just putting Heather in her right place.

8:34 Pierzina

(heather) *horrified*

8:34 Heozaki Salty Scallywags - Harold, Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Tammy, Lindsay, Cody, Max, Beth

Scurvy Dogs - Scott, Dwayne, Junior, Zoey, DJ, Jo, Bridgette, Tom, Taylor 8:34 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *to Heather* that was one of many reasons we broke up

8:34 Heozaki Just a quick reminder 8:34 Pierzina

(heather) *throws mop at Duncan*

8:34 Berryleaf

(duncan) *falls over*

8:34 Rocky XXVII

JRO tryna get TNH banned from the NAACP smh

8:34 Berryleaf

(duncan) CONF: Yeah...I still got it

8:34 Heozaki

(cody) *bumps into Gwen*

8:34 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) I feel this could use a bit of paint, here.

8:34 Heozaki

(cody) Oh, I'm sorry!

8:35 Berryleaf

(bridgette) What color?

8:35 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) oh, hi, Cody, could you get a thing of paint over there?

8:35 Heozaki

(jo) This is looking good team!

8:35 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) Hey beth do you want some Fairy dust

8:35 Pierzina

(heather) *to Gwen* Well, you should've known than to get with a skeeze like him in the first place. Especially after what he did to Courtney.. and what YOU did to Courtney. So evil... not judging you of course. It's actually sort of a compliment.

8:35 Heozaki


8:35 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Is there anything else I should do Jo?

8:35 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Why don't you do it better then?

8:35 JRO123

(harold) *gets fairy dust in mouth and chokes*

8:35 Heozaki

(cody) Of course Gwen, anything for you!

8:35 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Fairy dust is real? Can I see?

8:35 JRO123

(harold) ACK ACK

8:35 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) yes

8:35 Heozaki

(cody) *paints*

8:35 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) *Contributing to her team somehow*

8:35 Berryleaf

(bridgette) What if I paint a mermaid on the side?

8:35 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Cooool. It looks so pretty and majestic

8:35 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) on the bag it says to snort it

8:35 Heozaki

(chris) You have 30 more minutes!

8:36 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Oh okay

8:36 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) for your information, Heather, I'm on good terms with Courtney, now

8:36 Pierzina

(heather) [CONF: Gwen thinks she can be all buddy-buddy with me, PFFT, after that stunt she pulled in the All-Stars finale bonking me on the head? I won't rest till I bonk her on the head, harder AND more unexpected. She'll see.

8:36 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) *Snorts fairy dust and dies of an overdose*

8:36 JRO123

(harold) oh, you two made up, huh
(harold) thats cool

8:36 Pierzina

(heather) Oh really? So she's fine with seeing you interact closely with her ex-boyfriend again?

8:36 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) You used to much fairy dust!

8:36 JRO123

(harold) conf: I gotta make conversation somehow >.>

8:36 Heozaki

(jo) Excuse me, Scott? Why don't you do something to contribute? *throws paint brush at Scott*

8:37 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) I mean, neither of us really like Duncan or want to be around him

8:37 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *snorts* Tammy's Energy Went UP 20 E

8:37 JRO123

(harold) AND HOW

8:37 Berryleaf

(bridgette) CONF: Since I was a kid mermaids have always been my favorite creatures of mythology. I think it's the connection between the air and the sea that draws me in. You could like, hang out with your human friends in the daytime, and swim around with your sea friends in the nighttime. Totally cool.

8:37 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *runs off to get more suppiles*

8:37 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Hey Tammy. Mind if I borrow that dust real quick?

8:37 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Why don't you do something besides barking orders like a spaz?....*takes brush and begins to paint*

8:37 JRO123

(harold) wait, so you guys broke up
(harold) I didnt watch all stars did that happen

8:37 Heozaki

(jo) I am contributing! *grabs and throws boxes at team*

8:38 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) me and duncan broke up during all-stars, yes

8:38 Pierzina

(heather) That's really interesting, Gwen. :) Isn't that what you said before you kissed him in the bathroom on Total Drama World Tour?

8:38 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *gets hit by box*

8:38 Heozaki

(jo) *grabs some shells and slaps them on the deck

8:38 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) uh, sure you know something can.. yeah u uh can yeah do it ypou know do it like *throws baggie at max and runs off*

8:38 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *gets knocked over and almost impaled on the ship anchor* Jo! You could've killed me.

8:38 JRO123

(harold) dang, this must be cody's lucky day

8:38 Heozaki

(cody) Huh?!

8:38 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) I never knew we were boxing Jo! *ba dum tss*

8:38 Berryleaf

(bridgette) This isn't Final Destination. We're all supposed to be alive by the end of the challenge.

8:38 Heozaki

(cody) I have a shot at Gwen!

8:38 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) that was different. Duncan made that first move!

8:38 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) How about you stop being so dang bossy!? We're all trying our best so cut us some slack will ya?

8:39 Pierzina

(tom) Hey, Jo. Can I take a break? I'm like, totally out of it. My hands are getting like, STRAINED from all of this work. :/

8:39 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *conf* also, Cody, no you don't

8:39 Berryleaf

(duncan) *is carrying a stack of boxes as he walks by Heather and Gwen, winking at them*

8:39 Pierzina

(heather) Well, you certainly had no issue responding to the first move, so...

8:39 Heozaki

(chris) *sipping on a coconut and enjoying the beach vibes* Ahhh, it's great to be a host
(cody) Duncan was wrong for treating you like that Gwen!

8:40 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *ignores duncan* it was the heat of the moment, ok! Can we just drop this?!

8:40 Heozaki

(cody) I'm sorry, I just care too much

8:40 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) *Sweating from all the work and hot weather* Hey Chris, when are we gonna get something to drink?

8:40 Pierzina

(heather) *looks at Duncan and shivers in disgust* Can you drop it? As if I'd date a guy barely as tall as me. *rolls eyes*

8:40 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *returns with a stolen viking horn from a local bar* Hey heather
(tammy) Heather
(tammy) heather

8:40 JRO123

(chef) *the bus engine is on fire* CHRIS! CHRIS! GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER

8:40 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) GET BACK TO WORK SLAVES!!! *continues mopping floor*

8:40 Pierzina

(heather) Do you need something, Mrs. Dorkatron?

8:40 JRO123


8:40 Heozaki

(chris) *slurps* There's water in the ocean, drink that

8:40 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *sings* Heather

8:40 Heozaki

(chris) HUH?!
(chris) *grabs extinguisher*

8:41 JRO123

(chef) *bus explodes*

8:41 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *snickers*

8:41 JRO123 smh chris being ooc 8:41 Pierzina

(heather) What kind of hard barbiturates are you on?

8:41 Heozaki


8:41 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) There goes our only way of going home.

8:41 Dark Knight Rebirth ooc is serious business jro 8:41 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) and I was thinking of some detail over there

8:41 Dark Knight Rebirth 8:41 JRO123

(chef) Don't look at me! This bus was working fine this morning

8:41 Heozaki

(chris) *Gets nervous and laughs it off*

8:42 JRO123

(dwayne) Dj , my homedog

8:42 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *is all flustered and inattentive* wher-whe- should i put you know like this thing like put it on the ship- i mea- uh this *drops large viking horn on ship* never mind heather its good

8:42 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *follows DJ's instructions attentively*

8:42 JRO123

(dwayne) you ever get down with one of those fidget spinners?

8:42 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) yo, dawg

8:42 JRO123

(dwayne) Junior LOVES those

8:42 Heozaki

(jo) *slaps more shells and paint on the boat* This looks good...I think?

8:42 Pierzina

(heather) You are... so freaking weird. [CONF: I swear, every year Chris finds even more psychotic people than the last.]

8:42 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) I'm sorry, but I'm not really trendy, what are those?

8:42 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Those are barnacles Jo......

8:42 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *overhears dwayne* DAD

8:42 JRO123

(dwayne) the best parti s they help with his crippling ADHD and high functioning autism

8:42 Pierzina

(tom) Ew! Fidget spinners are so 2017.
(tom) Get with TODAY.

8:43 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) whadya know, the basic Mary sue actually knows things

8:43 JRO123

(dwayne) uh, was that unhip

8:43 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) >.>

8:43 Heozaki

(cody) *slips and drops paint all over Duncan*

8:43 Pierzina

(tom) We're all about fidget CUBES here.

8:43 Heozaki

(cody) I'm so sorry!

8:43 JRO123

(dwayne) in that case, I totally meant that ironically

8:43 Dark Knight Rebirth smh jro you didn't have dwayne dab yet 8:43 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) ...sure you did..

8:43 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *gets in between Zoey and Taylor* Hey! You should be nicer to her.

8:43 JRO123

(dwayne) kids are into irony these days right
(dwayne) back in my day, I used to love three stooges, thats a good meme right

8:43 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) How does this look?

8:44 JRO123

(dwayne) thats rich with irony!

8:44 Berryleaf

(duncan) It would look better if you were on it.

8:44 Heozaki

(jo) What's this fighting about? I need you two to be working!

8:44 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Yeah! you should be nicer to me redhead!

8:44 Pierzina

(tom) Don't worry, Dwayne. I'm like, the hippiest hip hippie there is, I can totally trend you up. :) First things first, the hair has got to get rearranged, gelled, and styled. You need a different shirt, and jeans that AREN'T your size. They need to be like 2 sizes tighter. Also, you need some sunglasses.

8:44 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Wait, were you talking to her or me?

8:44 Heozaki

(chris) 5 more minutes!

8:44 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) But.....nevermind.

8:44 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *glares at Duncan* weren't you still obsessed with Courtney?

8:44 JRO123

(dwayne) ...but my wife picked these out

8:45 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) I do not have adhd and autism! stoppp *can't handle his emotions atm*

8:45 Berryleaf

(bridgette) (smiles at Zoey* Don't worry. If you need a friend, you can call on me.

8:45 JRO123

(dwayne) its nothing to be ashamed of, son
(dwayne) everyone has their limitations

8:45 Heozaki

(jo) *throws Junior in paint and shells and uses him a brush*

8:45 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *walks off and gets her ankle caught in a rope, tripping and slamming into the side of the boat*

8:45 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) stop! *rams head into wall repeatedly*

8:46 JRO123

(dwayne) woah! you cant touch my boy like that!

8:46 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Um... I know they're on the opposite team and all, but isn't that child abuse?

8:46 JRO123

(dwayne) that is a BAD touch

8:46 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) CONF: *rubs her arm* Yeah...I really need to work on that.

8:46 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) aww JO what are you doing stop I feel uncomfortable *starts to cry*

8:46 JRO123

(harold) idk, not rly our problem

8:46 Heozaki

(jo) Shut it and we might win?
  • !

8:46 JRO123

(harold) seems like a them thing yknow

8:46 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Thanks Bridgette, but are you alright?

8:46 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Uh yeah.

8:46 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) My parents always taught me that child abuse is wrong and anybody who does it is a big fat jerk!

8:46 JRO123

(dwayne) hey, now! you put my son down this instant!

8:46 Heozaki

(cody) *finishes up designing* Phew. See, I can do manly things

8:47 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) This is why you don't bring in contestants who still have a 10:30 bedtime

8:47 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Can you give me a hand real quick?

8:47 Heozaki

(jo) *drops Junior*

8:47 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *reaches out to Zoey*

8:47 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) you guys have any ideas?

8:47 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Physical trauma for the child? How delightful!

8:47 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood tbh how u going to judge this heo idk what the fuck either of my teams made at all tbh 8:47 JRO123

(dwayne) my poor baby boy, are you alright ;(

8:47 Heozaki

(chris) 5....4....3....2....

8:47 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *grabs*

8:47 JRO123


8:47 Heozaki

(chris) 1...

8:47 JRO123


8:47 Heozaki

(chris) OH MY GOD

8:47 JRO123


8:47 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) And there

8:47 Pierzina

(tom) Well, your WIFE should get with the 2000's. You should be serving Modern Family, but right now you're serving Little House on the Prairie.

8:47 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *is pulled up by Zoey* Thanks

8:47 JRO123

(chef) WHAT A DAY

8:48 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Anytime!

8:48 Heozaki

(chris) I give you one hour to make this boat pretty
(chris) And it looks awful

8:48 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) but the 2000s are already over. It's the 2010s now

8:48 Pierzina

(heather) Can you stop incessantly yelling and actually look at our decorating first?

8:48 JRO123

(chef) wow, you had a BAD IDEA?!
(chef) thats so out of character!

8:48 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) But think of how the boat reflects you

8:48 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) I think it looks nice *turns head to the right* Wait no it looks bad I see

8:48 Berryleaf

(duncan) I agree with her. Let's save the yelling for the bedroom.

8:48 Pierzina

(tom) Oh my gosh, Beth, that's so not what I meant. Keep your face in the books.

8:48 Heozaki

(chris) Let us inspect the boats

8:48 Berryleaf

(duncan) *winks at Heather*

8:48 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) With it's dirty dark complexion, and the broken boards representing the broken sanity

8:49 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) bbut... But.... :(

8:49 JRO123

(chef) what is this shiny crap? its all over the walls

8:49 Pierzina

(heather) *looks at Duncan* Have you always been this unneccessarily perverted? Had it tough since Courtney and Gwen broke up with you, huh?

8:49 Heozaki

(chris) *Chris' feet get stuck on the deck*

8:49 JRO123

(harold) yeah, its an abstact piece, yknow

8:49 Berryleaf

(duncan) Pfft. You're acting like I care.

8:49 Heozaki

(chris) Well, alright
(chris) After looking at both halves

8:49 JRO123

(harold) if the team had helped out more, yknow, It wouldve been alright
(harold) I was holding back my true power

8:49 Heozaki

(chris) The less worse looking one is.....

8:49 JRO123

(chef) i mean

8:50 Heozaki


8:50 JRO123

(chef) probably the one without the "fairy dust"

8:50 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) yes

8:50 JRO123


8:50 Dark Knight Rebirth


8:50 Pierzina

(heather) You're welcome, cause without MY excellent leadership, we would've LOST.

8:50 JRO123

(chef) whatever

8:50 Ruriguru

(Lindsay) Yay!

8:50 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Son of a.....

8:50 Berryleaf

(Duncan) *smiles* Alright.

8:50 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *Conf* All part of my master plan!

8:50 JRO123

(harold) my mad skills pay off once again, somehow B)

8:50 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Aw man.

8:50 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) Yay we won Lindsay!

8:50 JRO123

(harold) eeeyyy high five team

8:50 Pierzina

(heather) Um... hello? Where's the incessant and absolutely neccessary praise that I'm currently NOT being showered in?

8:51 JRO123

(harold) *holds out high five*

8:51 Rocky XXVII

(Beth) We're gonna be here for another three more days!

8:51 Heozaki

(chris) As a reward, the Scallywags will be taking over the better half of the boat today

8:51 Pierzina

(heather) Without me one of you guys would be going HOME.

8:51 JRO123

(harold) come on heather B)

8:51 Heozaki

(chris) As far was the Dogs go

8:51 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Who's to say it wouldn't be you?

8:51 JRO123

(dwayne) well, gang, you cant win em all

8:51 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Are you kidding me? All that misery for nothing?

8:51 Heozaki

(chris) You will be meeting me at the deck for our elimination ceremony

8:51 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *sarcastically cheers*

8:51 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) I mean.....we tried right?

8:51 Pierzina

(heather) Me? Voted off? Doesn't seem likely does it.

8:51 JRO123

(harold) ;( *is left hanging*

8:51 Pierzina

(tom) Ahw, seriously? We lost?

8:51 Berryleaf

(Duncan) It's happened before.

8:51 Pierzina

(heather) Not as many times as you. :~)

8:51 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *conf* I think the dust was cocaine

8:52 Heozaki

(chris) Cast in your votes

Send me a DM on Discord Of your votes and who you are voting as 8:52 Pierzina

(heather) I've been voted off once, you've been voted off three times.

8:52 Berryleaf (should we have a scene with the losing team for them to discuss) 8:52 JRO123 lel idek who to vote 8:52 Heozaki Yeah 8:52 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood it would be easier to just do it here 8:52 JRO123 ye u can do that now 8:52 Berryleaf idr who's on the team 8:52 Heozaki That can happen as the votes come in 8:52 Rocky XXVII who is on the team 8:52 Heozaki Gimme a sec Salty Scallywags - Harold, Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Tammy, Lindsay, Cody, Max, Beth

Scurvy Dogs - Scott, Dwayne, Junior, Zoey, DJ, Jo, Bridgette, Tom, Taylor 8:52 JRO123

(dwayne) look, gang, I understand we might be a little upset
(dwayne) but lets not take it out on junior, please?
(dwayne) I know he's small, but hes got a big heart ;(

8:53 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) stop dad nobody was even talking about me *runs off*

8:53 Pierzina

(tom) I'm not upset. I saw we vote off Jo for being a funsucking monstrosity with that horrible get up she calls a tracksuit.

8:53 JRO123

(dwayne) oh, drat

8:53 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Dwayne's right. We can always come back in the next one.

8:53 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) That's how I describe my ex.......

8:53 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood at this point jr going to commit sucide by ep 4 8:53 JRO123

(dwayne) I set him off again

8:53 Heozaki

(jo) We didn't work hard enough!

8:53 JRO123 lel dwayne and junior mvps 8:53 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) he crying?

8:53 Heozaki

(jo) We'll beat Heather eventually

8:53 JRO123

(dwayne) probably
(dwayne) he does that all the time

8:54 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Conf* You crossed the line today B!@#h!

8:54 Pierzina

(tom) Ooh, someone has a crush on Heather. No wonder you're so obsessed with her.

8:54 JRO123

(dwayne) *sighs* yknow, I mostly just brought him on here to toughen him up

8:54 Heozaki I have 1 vote in lol 8:54 Dark Knight Rebirth smh 8:54 JRO123

(dwayne) I guess we've got time...

8:54 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *overheards offscreen* *in a crying voice* NO I just have something in my eye

8:54 JRO123

(dwayne) so, uh, who are we voting
(dwayne) not gonna lie, I have no idea how these shows work

8:54 Berryleaf

(bridgette) I don't know. It's kinda early to call.

8:54 JRO123

(dwayne) this is more junior's thing

8:55 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Yeah

8:55 Heozaki 3 votes in 8:55 Pierzina

(tom) Sheesh, Dwayne and Junior sure now how to be overdramatic. *looks at hands and gasps* No... No. NOOOOOOOOOOO!
(tom) This CAN'T be happening.

8:56 JRO123

(chef) ...

8:56 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Um. 10/10 acting?

Zylothh has left the building. 8:56 JRO123

(chef) kids thesedays

8:57 Heozaki I still need 4 more votes 3 8:57 JRO123

heo i dmed u on discord

the pms acting funny here as usual LeoCTallon3 has left the building. 8:58 JRO123

(dwayne) DJ, i hope you werent offended by the whole "black" convo earlier
(dwayne) I-I mean, i am NOT that type of guy
(dwayne) i am PROGRESSIVE
(dwayne) not all older white men are racist!

8:59 Heozaki Toast I need your vote 8:59 JRO123

(dwayne) please understand

8:59 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) I wasn't offended...I was just weirded out, man. I know you're cool.

8:59 JRO123

(dwayne) I am not a bad person ;(
(dwayne) WHEW
(dwayne) what a relief

8:59 Pierzina

(tom) *raises eyebrow*

8:59 Rocky XXVII is Dwayne supposed to be like a self-loathing cuck or something? 8:59 JRO123

(dwayne) hey there, friend

hes a white man afraid of being racist like all white men 9:00 Rocky XXVII so basically he's a self-loathing cuck then 9:00 JRO123 yes 9:00 Heozaki Alright Voting should be in 2 minutes 9:01 JRO123 jsut start the ceremony boi 9:01 Heozaki It's not done yet 9:01 Dark Knight Rebirth remember peeps

heo is making an award intro

9:01 JRO123

(chef) alright, we done enough sitting around *gets into the captains quarters and starts the boat*

9:01 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(tammy) *conf* I feel safe tonight

9:01 JRO123

(chef) time for her maiden voyage

9:01 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

  • half the cast gets seasick*

9:02 Dark Knight Rebirth

  • Scurvy

9:02 JRO123

(harold) *ralphing*
(harold) oooooh, my aching stomach
(harold) oy gevalt

9:02 Heozaki

(Chris) Welcome to our elimination ceremony, Dogs

9:02 Pierzina

(heather) Are you suffering from an asthma attack, Dorkahontas?

9:02 JRO123

(dwayne) Chris, thats cultural appropriation! just cuz dj is here -

9:02 Heozaki

(Chris) This season, I've decided for the eliminated to walk the plank into dangerous waters

9:02 JRO123

(dwayne) OH

9:02 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) I'm not your "dawg", Chris. Oh. Nevermind.

9:02 JRO123

(dwayne) nvm

9:03 Heozaki

(Chris) In the middle of the ocean

9:03 JRO123

(dwayne) O_O

9:03 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Is that safe?

9:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) Isn't that deadly?

9:03 Heozaki

(Chris) Eh, you guys will be safe

9:03 JRO123

(dwayne) *conf* please dont let it be junior, please dont let it be junior

9:03 Heozaki

(Chris) ...Probably

9:03 JRO123

(dwayne) please dont let it be junior, please dont let it be junior
(dwayne) I mean uh

9:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *conf* Please let it be dad please let it be dad

9:03 JRO123

(dwayne) i-it builds character, son....
(dwayne) *gulps*

9:04 Heozaki

(chris) Alright

9:04 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) How about please don't let it be me? No way am I jumping into the freaking ocean

9:04 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) That father and son duo is the most pure thing I've seen so far!

9:04 Heozaki

(Chris) If I say your name, I will hand you a uncooked fish for dinner
(Chris) If you don't get one, you're gone

9:04 Pierzina

(tom) Ew!

9:04 JRO123

(dwayne) bless your heart :)

9:04 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *stares at taylor boobs like a preprescent motherfucker would thirsty ass bitch*

9:04 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Fish are our friends.

9:04 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) What kinda fish?

9:05 Heozaki

(Chris) Some we found by the shore

9:05 JRO123

(chef) CHRIS

9:05 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) But I can't eat raw food! Our maid always cooks our meals

9:05 JRO123


9:05 Heozaki

(Chris) *throws fish* Scott

9:05 JRO123

(chef) I wanna toss someone off >:)

9:05 Heozaki

(Chris) Zoey

9:05 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) :WHEW:

9:05 JRO123 lmaoa 9:06 Heozaki

(Chris) Jo
(jo) Yes

9:06 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Nice! *takes a bite, spitting out the bones*

9:06 Heozaki

(Chris) And....Dwayne!

9:06 JRO123

(dwayne) hey, how about that

9:06 Heozaki

(Chris) The rest of the team have votes against them

9:06 JRO123

(dwayne) but...WHAT ABOUT JUNIOR ;(
(dwayne) oh, no

9:07 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Oh dang.

9:07 Heozaki

(Chris) However

9:07 JRO123

(dwayne) I knew this would happen

9:07 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) Of course someone would write my name down

9:07 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *playing fortnite* huh

9:07 JRO123

(dwayne) my boy's gonna be the first out... ;(

9:07 Heozaki

(Chris) Tom...
(Chris) You're safe!

9:07 Pierzina

(tom) Whoever voted against me is obviously homophobic. I mean, duh.

9:07 JRO123


9:07 Pierzina

(tom) Anyway, thanks. :)

9:07 JRO123

(dwayne)'re GAY

9:07 Heozaki

(Chris) And Taylor, you're also safe!

9:07 JRO123

(dwayne) :O

9:07 Dark Knight Rebirth LMAOOOOOOOOOOO 9:07 Heozaki

(jo) *Hands Taylor phone back*

9:08 Rocky XXVII

(Taylor) *Smirks at fish on her lap* On second thought, maybe I can give raw food a chance

9:08 DegrassiFTW27 i have a scott joke but im trying to be sensitive 9:08 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) What did I do to get so much vitriol?

9:08 Heozaki

(Chris) Bridgette, DJ or Junior

9:08 DegrassiFTW27 so imma behave 9:08 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood just say it 9:08 JRO123 do it boi 9:08 Dark Knight Rebirth do it grass 9:08 JRO123 its all good we're all friends here 9:08 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood scott's a redneck its a joke 9:08 Heozaki

(Chris) One of you will be having a fun night in the ocean *shark fins can be seen around the ship*

9:08 JRO123

(chef) *cracking knuckles*
(chef) get on with it, boi...

9:09 Heozaki

(Chris) However...Bridgette
(Chris) You're safe!

9:09 JRO123

(dwayne) *biting nails*

9:09 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *sighs in relief* Thanks Poseidon.

9:09 Heozaki

(Chris) ...And the last fish will go to.......

9:09 JRO123 junior going wtf 9:09 Heozaki

(Chris) .....
(Chris) ....With three votes against them....
(Chris) .....

9:09 Pierzina

(tom) Actually I'm homoromantic gray homoasexual?

9:09 Rocky XXVII wait are we seriously about to feed a little kid to the sharks 9:09 JRO123 ^ 9:09 Heozaki

(Chris) Junior, you're walking the plank!

9:09 Rocky XXVII lmao 9:10 Dark Knight Rebirth LMAO 9:10 JRO123 WHAT 9:10 Rocky XXVII LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 9:10 JRO123

(dwayne) WHAT

9:10 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *hasn't paid attention to the whole time* Huh

9:10 JRO123

(dwayne) wait, hold on there chris

9:10 Dark Knight Rebirth fuck you guys i spat my drink 9:10 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

jro dont quit lmao

9:10 Ruriguru rip Junior 9:10 JRO123

(dwayne) *sighs*
(dwayne) I...I just cant let you throw my boy to the sharks

9:10 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Sorry kid. Some of us just didn't think this show was right for someone so young.

9:10 Heozaki

(Chris) Eh, Junior lost

9:10 JRO123

(dwayne) can't you make this, like a reward or something

9:10 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *gets thrown off ship*

9:10 Heozaki

(Chris) No

9:10 Dark Knight Rebirth

jro watch out

9:10 JRO123

(dwayne) HES JUST A BOY

9:10 Rocky XXVII DOUBLE ELIM 9:10 Heozaki

(Chris) Chef, grab Junior

9:10 Dark Knight Rebirth a double might happen (troll) 9:10 JRO123 lol im considering quitting 9:10 Pierzina

(tom) *shrugs* Don't worry, I'll keep your dad company. [CONF: I'm about to get myself a sugar daddy. ^_^]


(chef), idk

9:11 DegrassiFTW27

(Scott) Do a double

9:11 Rocky XXVII DO IT LIKE FATHER LIKE SON 9:11 Heozaki

(Chris) If you dare stop me

9:11 JRO123

(chef) am I really gonna throw a kid off

9:11 Heozaki

(Chris) You're going too

9:11 Dark Knight Rebirth YOU'RE ALWAYS NUMBER ONE 9:11 JRO123

(chef) *tosses junioroff*

9:11 Heozaki

(Chris) Dwayne?

9:11 JRO123

(dwayne) *sobs uncontrollably*

9:11 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Dwayne, wait!

9:11 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) aw *dies*

9:11 Dark Knight Rebirth damn Dwayne got cucked 9:11 Berryleaf

(bridgette) We can't afford to lose another member today

9:11 JRO123

(dwayne) JUNIOR

9:11 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) ;-;

9:11 JRO123

(dwayne) ILL WIN FOR YA, SON

9:11 Rocky XXVII Junior was just a snak to the sharks 9:11 JRO123

(dwayne) I PROMISE

9:12 Heozaki

(chris) Don't worry, the kid can swim right?

9:12 JRO123

(dwayne) *cries very hard*

9:12 Dark Knight Rebirth Next challenge gotta be against child protection services 9:12 Pierzina

(tom) :/

9:12 Rocky XXVII

  • snacl

9:12 Heozaki

(Chris) *gets out phone* Hello, legal team, I have a bit of situation here...

9:12 Rocky XXVII

  • snack

9:12 JRO123

(chef) eh, the kid was 16

9:12 Heozaki

(chris) *hangs up phone* Alright

9:12 Dark Knight Rebirth Are we gonna get an edgy Dwayne arc now jro ? 9:12 JRO123

(chef) should be fine

yeah lmao i didnt expect this 9:12 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(jr) *hat rises to top of the sea*

9:12 Heozaki

(chris) 1 down, 17 to go

9:12 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood jr dead 9:12 Rocky XXVII Dwayne is now gonna form a grunge rock band and call it "Twisted Daddy" 9:13 Heozaki

(chris) Who's gonna go on the plank next
(chris) Next time on...
(chris) TOTAL
(chris) DRAMA

Ruriguru has left the building. 9:13 Heozaki